Hey everyone! As you may have figured out by now, something new has been in the works for quite some time. I’m finally at a place where I can share the exciting news with you. I’m part of a new band, along with my brother, Christian Taylor, and our new friend Zhaklina Poulos called ViaSpero. Our vision is to share hope with the world through relatable rock music. The last ten years with the Zach Allen Band have been amazing, but I believe God has orchestrated this season full of new adventures. I hope you will join me on the latest journey as I explore what is next. You can get all the info on what we are doing by following us on social media. All of the links can be found at We will be announcing details on our first show soon, as well as new music and more.

All this being said, I will still be keeping the Zach Allen brand alive as well. While my main focus in this season will be writing/playing lead guitar in ViaSpero, I still plan to do some solo things here and there. Info on anything I’m up to will be posted on this page and also at Thanks to everyone who has supported me and the band over the years, and I hope you will join us on this new adventure.